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Expat Cabin Crew Member (Pakistan)

Türk Hava Yolları
Publish Date: 5/24/2024
We are looking for colleagues who are fluent in Urdu and aspire to be a part of Turkish Airlines’ growth journey as Cabin Crew members. 

Turkish Airlines, flying to the most countries in the world, is looking for team-oriented colleagues with stunning communication skills and willingness to work with a smile. 

General Requirements

•Born between 01/01/1982 and 31/12/2004
•At least high school graduate
•Proficiency in English and Urdu (Additional languages are advantage.)
•Having no Criminal Record and Criminal Archive Record 
•Having completed military service is an advantage for male candidates
•Willingness to relocate to Istanbul, Türkiye

Physical and Health Conditions

•Height between 160 and 180 cm for female, 170 and 190 cm for male (Weight should be proportional to height)
•Meeting medical requirements for flight (For detailed information on the health conditions that result in disqualification to work for Turkish Airlines as a Cabin Crew Member, please click here.)
•No tattoo, piercing, burn or any scar, etc. on the visible parts of body (Please refer to the diagram here. There must be no tattoo, piercing, burn or any scar, etc. on white areas.) 
•The Cabin Crew Members are required to wear a uniform; please click here to examine the visual created in line with “Cabin Crew Uniform Use and Representation Manual”. 
•Not previously having left Turkish Airlines Inc or other organizations due to indiscipline, health problems and contract termination.

Application Procedure and Evaluation Processes

•Candidates who meet the stated criteria will be invited to the assessment/interview processes. Interview dates and locations will be shared at a later time.
•Prior to the interview, candidates will be asked to provide documentation confirming their compliance with the specified requirements. Candidates who do not meet the requirements will not be able to continue in the process.
•The interview stages will consist of following steps;
        •Height & Weight Measurement with tattoo and scar check
        •Panel Interview (Will be conducted in English and Urdu.)

Training/Start of Employment and Work Information

•After the assessment processes are successfully completed, candidates will go through a preliminary medical check in Pakistan. The results are sent to Turkish Airlines headquarters and assessed by Turkish Airlines’ occupational physicians. If the medical report obtained in Pakistan is approved, Turkish Airlines will start the process of obtaining a work permit and candidates will be invited to Türkiye for the second part of medical checks.   
•Upon arrival in Türkiye, candidates need to obtain a medical report from the Aero-Medical Centres authorized by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGCA) in Türkiye and have their reports approved by Turkish Airlines’ occupational physicians.
•The candidates whose medical reports are approved in Türkiye will proceed with training and employment commencement processes.
•Candidates, whose medical report is not approved by the occupational physicians of Turkish Airlines Occupational Health Directorate, will be provided to return to their country. It is important that candidates should not resign from their current jobs before receiving a job offer from Turkish Airlines. 
•Candidates will undergo a 2-month training in Turkish Airlines. Cabin crew are conducted within the premises of Turkish Airlines Flight Academy, located in Istanbul, Türkiye.
•Candidates who fail to complete the cabin crew trainings will be cut from the recruitment process and will be provided to return to their country. 
•Expat cabin crew members’ flights are primarily scheduled to fly to their home country.
•For more detailed information on the working conditions of the Cabin Crew members, please click here.  

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